Invite Your Friends. Enjoy the perks.

Use your personal link (find it below) to bring in 10 readers, and you'll enjoy the perks of our exclusive C3 club.

Questions and Answers

  • Who should I invite? Invite your friends. Invite your mom, your spouse, your coworker, your best friend, or your worst enemy (Ok. Maybe you don't want to make your worst enemy happy). Everyone loves a good story.
  • Why should I invite my friends? You Can Make Their Day Brighter, With One Little Tweet/email/text/message. You'll also earn exclusive Morning Short swag and opportunities.
  • How can I share my invite link? You can share it however you (ethically) want. Tweet it, share it to Facebook, email it, blog about it, or get creative and try something new!
  • What is Community Curator Club (C3)? How do I join? Get 10 friends/family-members/co-workers to sign up, and you'll be welcomed into our Community Curator Club (C3). We shower our C3 members with Morning-Short-branded stuff, and exclusive opportunities.